Post Op Care

What is Post OP Care

Post-op care is just as critical as the surgery itself. After surgery, there will probably be some swelling and minimal scarring, depending on the type of surgery. This is why every patient at Belleza Colombiana gets our exclusive post-op care service.

We Provide You

Pre/Postoperative care
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Muscle Rehab
Personalized Post Operative self-care instructions

Post Op care Benefits

Soothe your body with our post-op care. Combat stress, pain, and swelling with more than a lymphatic drainage massage to reduce scarring and recovery time. We utilize cutting-edge technology combined with proven Brazilian and Colombian techniques to speed up your recovery process.
  • Plastic surgery patients
  • Improving mobility and sensitivity
  • If you are experiencing swelling or discomfort
  • Preventing fibrosis
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