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The consultation only cost $40 but if the same day you decide to start your treatment thoses $40 goes towards your treatment on that way you will have a free valoration

We are at 18810 preston rd dallas, tx 75252. and we are open monday- saturday 9am to 5pm.

Puede programar una consulta directamente desde nuestra página de inicio o en cualquier lugar de nuestra barra de menú.
Si usted tiene algun Inconveniente agendando una valoracion usted tambien nos puede contactar en o llamanos a1(469) 316-4055

To give you a better estimate the best we can do is schedule a consultation so one of our specialist can determine what is the best treatment according to your body and skin type.


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Send us your questions, concerns, or suggestions we are ready to help you. and we are always open to improve 

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